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Vogel Golden Quality Program

At the last October 24, 2003, it was launched one more stage of the Vogel Quality Program. In this stage it was fixed the schedule to Certificate your Quality System by 2000 version of ISO 9000 norms.
The Certification is programmate to july 2004.

All company collaborators are envolved in this process, and one of basic tool that we have been emploing to make easier is the "5Sīs Program of Conscience".

The "5Sīs" are a "Principle of Culture" originary from Japan, and each one of the 5Sīs have a meaning.

First Sense -SEIRI- Utiliazation
Second Sense -SEITON- Ordering
Third Sense -SEISO- Cleaning
Fourth Sense -SEIKETSU- Health
Fifth Sense -SHITSUKE- Self Discipline

Have a look in the meaning of each Sense in our Suggestion section, in this Home Page.
The Vogel Quality that you already know will be even better, wait for it.
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Sensor - T.P.S. [11123]
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